Choosing a profession that will suit your personality


People are uniquely different and our goals and dreams are quite different. One person’s idea of a good life is usually very different from what the other person’s idea of a good life is. These differences are narrowed down to things such as; where we would want to live, what kind of a spouse we would want, how many kids we would want, if any, and what kind of a job or career we would like to have.

Many times, when growing up, children are exposed to job opportunities that are considered to have good standing in society and jobs that are considered to be high paying. It is a common human folly that the more money that one can make the better the lives that they will have. This leads to people desiring for high paying jobs not considering the amount of sacrifice that has to be given in order to deserve the big pay checks.

Many times people who hold these high profile jobs have been known to lament about their jobs. Many of them claim that their jobs take up too much of their time and they are not left with any time to do other things that they love such as being with family or loved ones. Another prominent lamentation is that these jobs are emotionally tasking and many times even detrimental to the person’s health. High-profile jobs usually come with much responsibilities that often lead the workers into health complications that can be fatal.

A job or career should therefore not be chosen by the flowery glitters of the job. One should choose a job that should, apart from providing material sustenance, it should also satisfy them psychologically and emotionally. Working in a job that you love is very easy. In such a job, you do not have to be sad that the weekend is over and you can always wake up in the morning eager to go off to work.

Our personalities are a very good guide as to what kinds of jobs we would appreciate. For example, if you are an extrovert you will be better off if you sought a job where there is much social activity. You will not be happy in a job that consigns you in solitary confinement such as is in the case of an engineer. An extrovert will be happier in a job such as a salesman where they are able to meet lots of people.

An introvert on the other hand will find an environment with a lot of social activities overwhelming for them. They would rather work in a quiet restricted area. Many introverts are not happy in the modern open office workplaces where nothing is private.

If you are an introvert, you might consider jobs such as writing, engineering, painting, composing or other jobs that you can do in solitary confinement. An introvert can choose to work online from home and avoid the hustle and bustle of the workplace.

If you love helping other people solve their problems, you could choose to be a counsellor, a medical doctor, a lawyer or any other professions that are about serving other people.

Choosing a profession that will suit your personality Credit Picture License: Happy businesswoman via photopin cc

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