Cloud Storage And Security

Cloud Storage And Security

Backing up your data is no longer an option but a necessity! If you have valuable data – personal or professional – that requires protection from technological failures and theft, then storing your data in the cloud is a perfect solution. Using a cloud storage facility comes with many other advantages besides security. For instance, it is easy for you to access your stored data from any device and any location. Online backup is also extremely cost effective when compared to local storage. Each product comes with its own unique features, strengths and weaknesses. These must be examined in detail before making a decision.

Take Pogoplug, for instance. This product is defined by its emphasis on ease of use and simplicity. An in-depth assessment of Pogoplug reveals that it is suitable for budget-bound users who want to back up large volumes of data at a low cost. Strong customer support and easy file sharing are other plus points. However, there are no file versioning capabilities, which means that if data is incorrectly saved, previous versions cannot be retrieved. The following operating systems are supported by this product: Linux, Mac X OS, and Windows. Pogoplug comes with unlimited storage space – although if you cross a certain level of uploaded data then your upload speeds will slow down significantly. The product comes in only one version, with a monthly price tag of USD 4.95 and a yearly cost of USD 49.95.

If your primary aim is excellent security, however, then this might not be the best option for you. With no storage encryption, your digital files and data – which are stored on the Amazon 3 server – could be breached by anyone who has access to this server. Amazon 3 is a massive server farm, providing services to numerous cloud storage providers. The lack of encryption is a very serious concern. Thus, it is probably unwise to store critical data using Pogoplug. In fact, there are hacking instructions available for this particular product online.

Another popular online storage solution is Backblaze, which comes with unlimited storage and a user friendly interface. With a focus on intelligent simplicity, this is a great choice for users who are not very tech savvy and value ease of use. Backblaze also offers solid security measures and is considered quite reliable. Mac OS X and most versions of Windows are supported along with mobile application platform iOS (Android is underway as well). One disadvantage is the limited customer service – available only on email and through an online reference manual. Like Pogoplug, Backblaze also offers only a single version, which comes with unlimited storage. For each machine, a separate account is required. The monthly rate is USD 5 while the annual rate is USD 50. This is the lowest flat fee for unlimited backup in the US, making Backblaze an excellent choice for businesses who want to minimize their expenditure. Not only is it cost effective, it is also – as mentioned before – extremely secure. At a time when a company’s data is often its most prized asset, the security standards of a cloud storage solution are of utmost importance. Backplaze comes with the option of a private encryption key, which provides an added layer of security. The fact that the system is very easy to use is another big advantage when it comes to businesses, wherein users will likely have varying levels of technological proficiency.

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